Marilyn Monroe basic animated font

Marilyn Monroe basic animated handwritten font


Install this font and write like Marilyn Monroe!

This animated font based on Marilyn Monroe handwriting. Glyphs from some autographs, letters etc. This is a copy of Marilyn Monroe handwriting (letters not changed). Original TTF/OTF computer font, used for animations is here.

This animated font can be used for multimedia, video art, creating gif animations etc.


Font features:

– font formats: PNG sequences with alpha-channels for each letter. All folders with sequences placed in one ZIP file about 440 Mb (unzipped folders about 1,07Gb);

– basic latin symbols “A-Z”, “a-z”, numeric “0-9”, some punctuations and Marilyn Monroe’s signature;

– each symbol have only one PNG-sequence within 10-50 frames. Each animation is medium slow. You may manage sequence’s speed for more faster “writing” 😉 ;

– for animation was used font size 1200px. Each png-file is 3000x2000px (except “Signature” animation – this is 3376x2000px). Each letter aligned with horizontal base line (for better compositing with other letters). For details see this short video:

Marilyn Monroe animated handwritten font. Sample letters composition

– Alternative glyphs was not used for this basic animated font. Extended font version with alternative animated glyphs will be released later.